The Switch Flipped On

Posted by Dan Anderson on Friday, April 14th, 2017 at 11:36pm

When it comes to the real estate business, holiday weekends are tough to gauge.  Although we always think things will be pretty slow with most people on their way somewhere – either visiting family or rounding up supplies as the holiday hosts – it never seems to go quite that way around the office.  And today was no exception, as the Easter Weekend arrived.

Realtors also have families to visit or be visited by, but they realize the difficulty in making a firm commitment during holiday weekends, as the market can sometimes get a little crazy during those times.  Waterfront markets like Itasca County are probably the most difficult, as vacationers and past residents tend to show up and hope to combine their visits with a bit of house shopping.  And homeowners, who have thought about finally downsizing and moving closer to their kids, get a little extra tug in that direction when the grandkids come around.

Today the light switch seemed to turn on – from both ends.  Prospective buyers lit up the phones and walked in at a steady pace.  And several potential sellers called to see if we could help give them some advice on price over the next few days, since they felt it was time to make the big move from the aging family home that is not getting full use any longer.

Easter, more than any other holiday is seen as a time of renewal and positive change.  Apparently, that goes hand in hand with real estate. 

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